LG France interact with its clients over Bluetooth

September 16, 2008

LG France, in collaboration with the agency HighCo, equipped more than 30 malls with interactive kiosks showing their latest products such as screens, electrical appliances and mobile phones.

Thanks to the technology developped by Alterwave, the users are receiving goodies, free of charge over Bluetooth, such as branded LG-wallpapers and also promotional messages with discounts on recently release LG-products.

LG Bluetooth proximity marketing

LG kiosk including screens and Bluetooth proximity marketing system

The Alterwave hotspots feature the “Fit2Phone” functionality allowing the content to be optimized for each phone model.

The hotspots are installed for a long term with campaign changes scheduled each 4 to 6 weeks – via 3G.


Europe 2 create interactive communication for the Video Game Festival in Paris

January 2, 2008

Lagardère Group ask Bluetouch Communication and Alterwave to support Europe 2 and Europe 2 TV for their first Bluetooth mobile marketing operation at the Paris (France) video game festival.

The challenge was high with the objective to differentiate from traditional communication channels to better reach the young mobile and techno freak generation.

An interactive Bluetooth zone was created at the entrance of the festival signalled by highly visible totems. Promogirls were encouraging visitors and generated the buzz around the event. The challenge was also technical : sending high definition videos and unique coupons to more than 30.000 people. The success was beyond expectations.

Bluetooth mobile marketing

The 2007 Gumball 3000 rally kick off

May 21, 2007

The 2007 Gumball 3000 rally kicked off on Sunday 29th April and Square Group are very proud sponsors of the event this year – providing the organisers with AV kit including Mac Pros, iMacs and Final Cut Studio.

Alterwave Bluetooth mobile marketing

At the launch site in Pall Mall, fans, wellwishers and participants were greeted with a giant billboard instructing them to turn their Bluetooth on their mobile phones on, in order to receive exclusive multimedia content about the event. This was all possible thanks to the Alterwave box that is exclusively distributed by Square Group in the UK.

Gumball 3000 is an annual 3000 mile international car rally. The 2007 route will travel from London to Istabul via Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Dubrovnik and Athens. Over 100 contestants are scheduled to drive through 16 countries in 8 days.

We wish all Gumballers the best of luck!

Puppets go hi-tech on Avenue Q!

January 26, 2007

The puppets of Avenue Q have been conducting a unique experiment with Bluetooth technology from Square Group and Alterwave

Bluetooth advertising with Alterwave

A special device, provided by Square Group, has been installed at the Noel Coward Theatre, which detects passers-by who have an active Bluetooth gadget and offers a free video clip from the popular puppet show.

In the first seven days of the experiment an astonishing 9595 active Bluetooth devices were detected and 703 people accepted the offer of the video download – an average of 87 people each day.

The Bluetooth marketing device from Alterwave enables downloads including video, music, MP3, pictures and text, to be spread by phone to friends, creating an excellent viral marketing tool.

Nicholas Lock from Square Group comments, “This is a fun and exciting method of marketing for any provider of entertainment value products. Square Group is the only reseller of this product in the UK, which looks set to take the theatre industry into the next generation.”

Avenue Q
Noel Coward Theatre

Prices: Monday-Thursday and Friday early evening £10-£35 (Subject to booking fee and exclusions)

Opel and LuxGSM use Bluetooth marketing in Belgium and Luxembourg

October 4, 2006

Opel and LuxGSM have had their first taste of Bluetooth proximity marketing in the network of the outdoor advertiser JCDecaux.

Opel LuxGSM Bluetooth advertising with Alterwave

LuxGSM used this new media in Luxembourg for the promotion of the youz.lu brand. This brand targets the young users of mobile phones, more comfortable to the prepaid billing. The match between this target user group and the innovative concept of the Bluetooth marketing produced brilliant results in terms of number of downloads.

Opel Belgium understand also the interest of Bluetooth advertising for targeting potential buyers of the latest Opel Corsa model. The campaign includes video screens and sound system accross Belgium.

These innovative campaigns were rolled out in the network of JCDecaux, and powered by Alterwave.

Mobistar first to launch interactive communication via Bluetooth with JCDecaux

September 13, 2006

Brussels, 12 September 2006 – Today Mobistar, in cooperation with Sony Ericsson, is launching an innovating campaign in eight major Belgian cities using the new interactive Bluetooth technology of JCDecaux Innovate. All Bluetooth users can benefit from a unique one-week offer allowing them to receive free of charge a Christina Aguilera ringtone if they are within 30 metres of an Abribus. With this Abribus campaign Mobistar is taking the road of permission marketing.

Proximity marketing and advertising with Alterwave

Today Mobistar is surprising its customers and other mobile users with an exclusive Abribus campaign. The telecom operator is the first to use the new Bluetooth technology from Alterwave, leader in Proximity marketing and advertising via Bluetooth commercialised by JCDecaux Innovate within the 2m2 JCDecaux network. “Traditional mass communication must give way to new communication methods. This campaign illustrates the concept of interactive communication and is based on the principles of permission marketing” states Chris Van Roey, Chief Communication Officer of Mobistar.

The Abribus – equipped with a Bluetooth data server – can detect a Bluetooth-activated handset within a range of 30 metres. The consumer then receives a message asking whether he would like to receive a ringtone. If he accepts, the consumer receives from Mobistar, free of charge, the Christina Aguilera True Tone. All one needs is a True Tone compatible mobile phone with Bluetooth technology.

“Music plays an important role in the lives of young people. To create a unique music experience via mobile and to further reinforce our position with the music and youth segment, Mobistar cooperated with JCDecaux Innovate, Sony Ericsson and Sony BMG to develop this interactive campaign” comments Van Roey.

The Mobistar and Sony Ericsson interactive Abribus campaign, which is part of a global Abribus campaign, starts as of today in 8 major Belgian cities (Antwerp, Brussels, Brugge, Charleroi, Gent, Hasselt, Luik and Leuven)* and runs from 12 till 18 September.

* Brussels, Nieuwstraat and Guldenvlieslaan – Charleroi, Rue de la Montagne – Liège, Place Cathédrale – Antwerp, Meir and Keizerlei – Leuven, Naamsestraat – Brugge, t’Zand and Leopoldlaan – Hasselt, Monseigneur Broeksplein at the station – Gent, Veldstraat.


The aura of Porsche within reach of mobile phones

August 9, 2006

During the summer, the communication agency DDB, the company JCDecaux, specialized in urban furniture, and the company Alterwave specialized in proximity marketing and advertising on mobile phones via Bluetooth, have set up the first mupy (standalone advertising panel) allowing the free download of a mobile phone ringtone, especially recorded for the fans of Porsche cars.

JCDecaux Porsche mupy

People passing by the poster within a range of 10 meters are invited to take away in their mobile phone a bit of the aura of the Porsche Cayman S, caught into a ringtone recording the 6 cylinders engine into an acceleration phase. It is as simple as approaching the phone from the poster and accepting the incoming download.

The interactive mupy is installed in Knokke-le-Zoute, where fans of quality cars are numerous, especially at the Knokke-Out, the place to be on the sea side to enjoy a trendy evening. Besides the poster, the Porsche Cayman S is exhibited behind a glass cover, just as collection scaled models.

The fans are welcomed to collect this one time durable souvenir within their mobile phones, signed by Porsche.

Technical details

DDB has prefered the Bluetooth technology instead of the traditional download via sms, because Bluetooth is supported by most recent high end mobile phones, selecting naturally the owners of such phones. Also this download medium allows for MP3 ringtone to be transferred, offering a much higher quality than usual mono- or poly-phonic ringtones.

Detailed statistics will be generated about the number of downloads, and also about the number of surrounding Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. In order to avoid harassing the visitors, the download will only happen once per mobile phone and it will be possible to count the number of visitors during the duration of the action.

More information :

Ariane Vandenbosch, DDB Relationship Manager

info-ddb@ddb.be – 02/761 19 76

Etienne Richelle, Alterwave PR representative





The Bluetooth marketing : a new trend in the direct proximity marketing

July 31, 2006

A new trend appears in the mobile marketing since the beginning of 2006 : The Bluetooth marketing, or proximity marketing.

This new tool works as a direct marketing channel to end users mobile phones. The first generation of these tools established a connection with the Bluetooth enabled phones (activated and set to visible) which are within 20 meters from a dedicated hotspot. A question appears on the screen of the phone in the form ‘Do you accept content from Alterwave ? Yes / No’, where Alterwave is the name of the company willing to advertise. If the user presses Yes, the download proceeds at a speed of typ. 50kB/sec over Bluetooth. The data transfer is 100% free. A video of 500 kB would be sent in about 10 seconds.

If the user presses No, the popup disappears from the screen, and if the users does not press either key the popup will disappear when the phone leaves the Bluetooth covered zone.

This new media raises a lot of interest in the advertising and marketing industry. The kind of files that they push is images (still or animated), sounds (mp3) and video.

The risk to see the Bluetooth marketing seen as Spam does exist, but an opt-in is also possible by requiring the user to approach his phone close to a given point (typ. 1-2 meters) for triggering the download.

The challenge is now for media and marketing agencies to use this innovative tool wisely, and certainly to send value added content to the users. The Bluetooth marketing has a lot of impact on end users, so it should be used with wisdom.