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The aura of Porsche within reach of mobile phones

August 9, 2006

During the summer, the communication agency DDB, the company JCDecaux, specialized in urban furniture, and the company Alterwave specialized in proximity marketing and advertising on mobile phones via Bluetooth, have set up the first mupy (standalone advertising panel) allowing the free download of a mobile phone ringtone, especially recorded for the fans of Porsche cars.

JCDecaux Porsche mupy

People passing by the poster within a range of 10 meters are invited to take away in their mobile phone a bit of the aura of the Porsche Cayman S, caught into a ringtone recording the 6 cylinders engine into an acceleration phase. It is as simple as approaching the phone from the poster and accepting the incoming download.

The interactive mupy is installed in Knokke-le-Zoute, where fans of quality cars are numerous, especially at the Knokke-Out, the place to be on the sea side to enjoy a trendy evening. Besides the poster, the Porsche Cayman S is exhibited behind a glass cover, just as collection scaled models.

The fans are welcomed to collect this one time durable souvenir within their mobile phones, signed by Porsche.

Technical details

DDB has prefered the Bluetooth technology instead of the traditional download via sms, because Bluetooth is supported by most recent high end mobile phones, selecting naturally the owners of such phones. Also this download medium allows for MP3 ringtone to be transferred, offering a much higher quality than usual mono- or poly-phonic ringtones.

Detailed statistics will be generated about the number of downloads, and also about the number of surrounding Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. In order to avoid harassing the visitors, the download will only happen once per mobile phone and it will be possible to count the number of visitors during the duration of the action.

More information :

Ariane Vandenbosch, DDB Relationship Manager – 02/761 19 76

Etienne Richelle, Alterwave PR representative