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Opel and LuxGSM use Bluetooth marketing in Belgium and Luxembourg

October 4, 2006

Opel and LuxGSM have had their first taste of Bluetooth proximity marketing in the network of the outdoor advertiser JCDecaux.

Opel LuxGSM Bluetooth advertising with Alterwave

LuxGSM used this new media in Luxembourg for the promotion of the brand. This brand targets the young users of mobile phones, more comfortable to the prepaid billing. The match between this target user group and the innovative concept of the Bluetooth marketing produced brilliant results in terms of number of downloads.

Opel Belgium understand also the interest of Bluetooth advertising for targeting potential buyers of the latest Opel Corsa model. The campaign includes video screens and sound system accross Belgium.

These innovative campaigns were rolled out in the network of JCDecaux, and powered by Alterwave.