Puppets go hi-tech on Avenue Q!

The puppets of Avenue Q have been conducting a unique experiment with Bluetooth technology from Square Group and Alterwave

Bluetooth advertising with Alterwave

A special device, provided by Square Group, has been installed at the Noel Coward Theatre, which detects passers-by who have an active Bluetooth gadget and offers a free video clip from the popular puppet show.

In the first seven days of the experiment an astonishing 9595 active Bluetooth devices were detected and 703 people accepted the offer of the video download – an average of 87 people each day.

The Bluetooth marketing device from Alterwave enables downloads including video, music, MP3, pictures and text, to be spread by phone to friends, creating an excellent viral marketing tool.

Nicholas Lock from Square Group comments, “This is a fun and exciting method of marketing for any provider of entertainment value products. Square Group is the only reseller of this product in the UK, which looks set to take the theatre industry into the next generation.”

Avenue Q
Noel Coward Theatre

Prices: Monday-Thursday and Friday early evening £10-£35 (Subject to booking fee and exclusions)


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